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its been a while

2009-10-05 09:04:08 by fartingchickenz

I'ts been a while... lol, i've quite working on pitman 3... kinda obviouse if u even paid attention, lol. i kinda got bored with flash. that and from work to homework to farmwork, i jes was too tired for it... so now i waste my time rating music, lol.

What im Doing Now

2009-06-06 19:06:08 by fartingchickenz

right now... im not working on anything, lol, im thinking about a new pitman though... idk, this one should be a lot longer, and hopefully more involved, lol. it'll give pitman a personality, haha. idk its jes in my head right now... may make a video one day... if i ever get off mah butt, lol.


2009-05-16 16:36:56 by fartingchickenz

its in progress, lol

Pit Man

2009-05-04 17:03:23 by fartingchickenz

I know that my PitMan video has been out for a while, and i know that it is short... but hey, its my first submitted... im trying to think of funny things that could happen with him. So, i want more comments or advice. the ones that i have right now is great, but i want more, lol.
thanks a lot.