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Entry #4

its been a while

2009-10-05 09:04:08 by fartingchickenz

I'ts been a while... lol, i've quite working on pitman 3... kinda obviouse if u even paid attention, lol. i kinda got bored with flash. that and from work to homework to farmwork, i jes was too tired for it... so now i waste my time rating music, lol.


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2009-10-18 21:32:05

There is no such thing as wasting time on music! I would know ;)


2009-10-20 21:02:57

Heh... I wonder if tehres a Halloween Music contest. Lol. thanks for the fav dude :D

Hope yout Pitman3 gets done :D


2009-11-18 07:06:34

CRF250 is right. I would know because music has been my entire life. That's why I make remixes, speaking of which, thank you for the favorite of my NES Benny Hill Theme. There's something about 8 bit that can't be replaced =]